Who are we?

We are passionate about encouraging young adults to have both healthy and strong spiritual lives. We believe that is accomplished through three major ways: joining a local church, joining a small group/bible study at that local church, and eventually serving your local church.

During COVID-19, we are holding these groups via zoom for those who have been unable to get connected to a church local to them. Whether you have been a part of Bethany your whole life or are looking to call Bethany your new home, we encourage you to join us.

High School Seniors

Prepare yourself to grow spiritually, even when you get to college. Continue growing your faith during your final year of high school and start getting answers to some of your questions about college campus ministries. Want help finding a church or a campus ministry? We got you. Want to ask more in depth questions about your faith before you head off to college? We got you there too.

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College Students

College is a time of growth and learning unlike any other time in your life. But this isn't just about academics, it can be about your faith too. We want to help you learn and grow your faith during this time too! Normally we have in person bible studies over each summer when everyone returns home from college. However, during COVID we are able to meet year round via zoom. If you are looking to reconnect with friends from Bethany that go to different colleges or you haven't found the right fit at your school, we would love for you to join us. We can also help you to find a local church or college ministry to join at your school!

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Graduate Students

Grad school can be an awkward phase. Are you a college student? Are you a young professional? Well we are letting you decide! Consider looking at both groups and see which feels like the best fit for you!

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Young Professionals

Starting your career, potentially moving to a new city where you know no one, these can be scary things. If you are local to Bethany, our hope is to have in person small group meetings when we are able to gather again. Similar to the college group, we are here to support you and be in community with you even if you are far away.

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