New Changes in Worship

  • Pre-registration is no longer required.
  • For outdoor services, after you are seated masks are optional. Services will be moved indoors if inclement weather ensues, with a banner notification on the website by 9 am Sunday morning if a change is to be made.
  • For indoor services, you may choose your own seats or sit with friends, though please utilize six-foot inflatable spacers for safe distancing in pews. Masks are required and congregational singing is not allowed. However, Susan Ricker and the Praise Band are back and you don’t want to miss them! If the sanctuary fills up, people may be turned away or moved to overflow seating in Fellowship Hall.

As the pandemic continues on, much of the conversation has shifted from how do we move everything to a virtual environment to how do we begin taking steps to regather as a church. Following is a tentative plan for worship services moving forward:

  • Online services will continue to be available every Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 am on our website, on Facebookas well as on YouTube.
  • In-person services will be held every Sunday at 10:00 am, alternating between indoor and outdoor services. Website pop-up announcements will highlight the service to be held each week.
  • Live streaming of in-person services is coming soon. We have procured the necessary equipment and are working to learn new software though a new digital soundboard required for streaming is on backorder.

Because we are committed to your personal safety, things will continue to look and feel a little different. To be able to return to normal 9 and 11 am services, we are in need of Well Being Guides and Audio Visual Technicians. More details are below.


In-Person Services will be held at 10:00 am
Although our plans may change as “cicada season” arrives in Maryland, for now, we will continue to alternate Sunday in-person services between indoor and outdoor to accommodate all attender preferences. The 10:00 am service time was selected to accommodate time-related preferences across three service times, seasonal attendance patterns, as well as heat-related concerns.

Pre-registration no longer required
We are eliminating pre-registration for in-person services and will instead use the Church Center check-in system for tracking requirements. Well-being guides will assist with check-in.

Protocols for Indoor Services
We seek to maintain proper social distancing during our services though you may choose your own seats as well as sit with friends if you like. Please utilize the available six-foot inflatables for safe spacing in pews. Masks are required and congregational singing is not allowed.  If the sanctuary fills up people may be turned away or asked to move to overflow seating in the fellowship hall.

Protocols for Outdoor Services
Based upon new CDC Guidelines and Governor Hogan’s lifting of the outdoor mask mandate, masks are optional though we request that one be worn until you have been seated. Leaders may remove their masks as long as those seated up front are comfortable with them doing so. Services will be moved indoors if bad weather ensues. A banner notification will be put on the website by 9AM if a change is to be made.

Be Respectful of Others
You might be ready to hug and high five but it doesn’t mean others will be. Please be respectful of people’s needs and their desire to social distance as well as maintain a distance of six feet or more between you and non-family members when in our facilities.

Live Stream of In-Person Services
We have procured the necessary camera equipment and are working to learn new software though a new digital sound board required for streaming is on backorder. We also need to build and train teams to run the equipment.

Volunteers Are Needed

Well Being Guides and Audio/Visual Technicians are needed for us to be able to return to normal 9 and 11 am services. If you are 14 years of age or older and consider Bethany home, we invite you to join us in serving both members and guests, helping them feel welcome, safe and loved.
  • Well Being Guides are needed to serve in areas such as registration and check-in, parking, service support, and more.
  • Audio Visual Technicians are needed to assist with audio and video needs. No experience is necessary and training is provided.

Please contact the church office if you are interested in volunteering.

Please Stay Home…
If you are not feeling well, concerned that you have been exposed, at risk, or simply uncomfortable attending right now, we would kindly ask you to remain at home and worship online.

We realize that for some of you this return date may feel too soon. For others of you, not soon enough. Whatever your opinion, please remember that we’ve never dealt with anything like this before. While we’re taking great steps to welcome people back and keep people safe, we know we will need to make adjustments so will be making decisions on a month-to-month basis.  

Thank you in advance for your flexibility and grace.