Preteens. (a.k.a 4th & 5th graders). The Between Years. This is when kids really begin their journey toward independence, have new self-awareness (and self-consciousness), don’t want to be grouped with younger kids, and the question they are asking inside themselves is “do I have friends?”  We believe the best way we can help Preteens in their faith journey is to meet them where they are! Preteens at Bethany have their own space, their own Sunday Fun video Bible story, their own routine and a lot of conversation (along with games, activities and prayer).  All of this is designed to help them head confidently into our Middle School program, having been fortified in the elementary-age 3 Basic Truths:

I need to make the wise Choice. I can trust God no matter what.

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.