Back to the Garden – Soon

Cathryn   -  

Between last week’s post and this one
I’ve had exactly 20 minutes in my garden,
barely enough time to get my hands dirty,
much less get the earth embedded under my nails.

I know that exact amount of time because I had to set my timer.
Otherwise I would have caved to my desire
to be at work discovering amazing things about God in my little front garden
instead of writing my final paper of the semester,
convincing myself that I could pull an all-nighter to get that done.

I know, right? Hysterical.
Thankfully God works outside of our earthly time constraints.
In those precious few twenty minutes I untangled a massive nest of weeds
only to discover an astilbe with the most tender new leaves hiding underneath.
It was almost like the weeds were sheltering it.
For reasons that I really can’t put into words,
it made me think of Romans 8:28:
“We know that God makes all things work together
for the good of those who love Him and are chosen to be a part of His plan.”

My little garden will have to wait a few more days,
but I’m pretty sure God knows where I’d rather be.
After all, God enjoys time in the Garden, too! (Gen 3:8)

This morning right after my prayer time I looked over to
this spindly, spiny, nearly barren but still-hopeful-looking Fuchsia plant
that I’ve been nursing for almost a year.

And right there,
right where I have looked a thousand times before,
right before my eyes

the most precious teeny-tiny fuchsia bud. . .
which I think God finds at least as delightful as I do.

Pastor Cathy