Cathryn   -  

I am so grateful for all the wise people God has surrounded me with!

One of those people is my acupuncturist.
I had a treatment scheduled for this morning and when she asked the same question
she always asks, “What do you want to work on today?,” I had a big answer.

But first, let me ask you this: Do you ever have times when you are in the midst of
what you consider to be a very important conversation, a conversation that is not
particularly going as you planned, and try as you might, the words from your mouth
are just not connecting with the ears of the other person(s)?
And a little frustration builds on both sides, but particularly within you, and you
know the right response, the grown-up response is not to pick up your things and
leave the room but really that’s what your inner child is suggesting you do because
you just can. not. find. the right words to state your case, convince of your
position or even just feel like your position is heard?

(she screams silently in her head).
So, this morning when my acupuncturist asked me what I wanted to work on I
explained to her that I had had a few occasions this week when I felt I did not have
the right words to allow me to make
my convincing point about something very, very important.
She asked a brief series of very wise questions to hone in on how she could help:
why is your convincing point so important to you?
is your convincing point the one thing that will get you to your goal?
is there possibly room for more than one way to get there?
(see, I told you she was wise).

And then here’s the thing I really want you to know because it is just so, so
She said (are you ready?)

“I’ve always found it amazing that our throat
is placed between our heart and our head.”

Just sit with that for a minute.

By God’s design, our voice is between our heart and our head.
So perhaps, in those times when I feel it difficult to use my voice effectively,
I might pause to consider if something is
out of balance within myself, between my heart and my head,
before I look outside of myself at the ears that don’t seem to be hearing.

And so I pass these wise words on to you.
you know, just in case it ever happens to you, too….