Cathryn Vitek   -  

I think we can safely say that Fall is here!

It’s the beginning of another season in which the colors are so beautifully and uniquely vibrant! Even this summer girl appreciates Fall’s beauty, though I sometimes spend considerable time in denial about the inevitability of summer’s passing before I open my eyes to the incredible wonder in front of me.
It is part of the rhythm of life, isnt’ it, this cycle of seasons?

In music, whether you are dancing to it, singing it, playing it or listening to it, rhythm is the thing that makes the song work (or not). Without a set rhythm, notes and chords and instruments and voices can go anywhere they want.It is a chaotic cacophony!

I am noticing that all life has a rhythm. And it doesn’t seem to always match up with the rhythm of our calendars. Over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring the rhythms that make up our lives and how to evaluate and change them if we need to so that we are able to live into the fullness of life that Christ offers us.

So I’ll meet you right back here next Friday.❤


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