At the 9:00 am service children will be dismissed from worship by 9:10 and will go to their Sunday Fun Program which will begin at 9:15.
Pre-K Sunday Fun for the 9am service will begin in their usual basement level room at 9:15
K-3rd grade Large Group will begin in room #207 at 9:15 and their fun will continue in small groups. 
  • 2nd & 3rd grade small group will remain in room #207
Preteen Sunday Fun will begin at 9:15 in room #211
We have a new space called KIDS ZONE in room #205. Children, Pre-K-5th grade, not signed out at 10:15 will be taken to KIDS ZONE where you will sign them out at 10:45.
IMPORTANT SIGN OUT INFO!! All parents are required to sign out children from their classrooms, even if they have previously had permission to leave on their own. They must be signed out each week. ALL CHILDREN.
At the 10:30 am chapel service parents will sign-in children ages Pre-K-5th grade at KIDS ZONE in room #205 in the main building as early as 10:15. Our 2nd Sunday Fun Program will begin at 10:45 and we will make sure they get to the appropriate group room. 
  • Pre-K room #204
  • K-5th grade room #207
This Sunday Fun Program will end at 11:45. You can sign your children out of their group rooms at that time OR your children will go to KIDS ZONE and you can sign them out from room #205 up until 12:15 pm.
At the 11:00 am service in the main sanctuary parents will sign-in children to their group room at 10:45 OR sign them into KIDS ZONE as early as 10:15. We will have a full hour of Sunday Fun and will finish our time together at 11:45 in KIDS ZONE where you can sign them out at 12:15.
  • Pre-K room #204
  • K-5th grade room #207